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Innovate Egypt is the dynamic R&D hub powering EgyptSat Group's product and robot development. Our expert team harnesses cutting-edge technology and collaborative expertise to turn visionary ideas into reality. From aerospace breakthroughs to healthcare advancements, we drive innovation in diverse sectors. Join us in shaping the future at Innovate Egypt, where ideas become solutions today.


4 axis CNC

Explore the precision and versatility of 4-axis CNC machines on our website. Discover how these advanced tools can revolutionize your manufacturing processes with their ability to manipulate materials from multiple angles, opening up new possibilities for complex machining tasks.


CNC Lathe

Dive into the world of CNC lathes and experience the future of turning operations. Learn how these automated machines can efficiently craft intricate components with high precision, offering speed, consistency, and quality that manual lathes simply can't match.


Manual Lathe

Delve into the art of traditional craftsmanship with manual lathes. Our website celebrates the enduring value of hands-on machining skills. Discover the fundamentals of operating manual lathes and the timeless craftsmanship they enable.


Bending sheet metal

Explore the capabilities of bending sheetmetal, a crucial tool in the metalworking industry. Learn how these machines can expertly shape metal bars and tubes, enabling the creation of everything from simple bends to complex curves with precision and efficiency.


Argon Welding

Discover the power of argon welding, a technique known for its precision and clean results. Our website provides insights into the equipment, processes, and applications of argon welding, helping you achieve strong, high-quality welds in various materials.


Electric Welding

Dive into the world of electric welding and its wide range of applications. Explore the different methods, equipment, and safety practices involved in this essential welding technique. Learn how electric welding can be a versatile and efficient solution for various metal joining needs.

Our Products

Products desgined for our customers

smaple image
Anti Bomb Miltary Robot
Egyptian ministry of defense

Used by the ministry of defense against terrorist attacks.

smaple image
ABB egypt

automaticlly guided robot used in production lines to increase efficiency.

smaple image
Electric Golf Car
Green Planet

Designed and manufactured for COP27 in 7 days.

smaple image
Mask Machine
Innovate Mask

Developed during corona to combat the epidemic.

smaple image
Water Dispenser

Generates water through air humidaty then collects and dispenses it

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